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Thanks for visiting us! We understand that you are searching for the right fit. When the time is right for an idea or a movement, it manifests. Hence the number of end-of-life doula training programs, along with folks interested in the doula role, is growing exponentially on both national and international levels. This is a good thing for all of us! It is how we will achieve critical mass over time until doulas are mainstreamed into the end-of-life care continuum. However, the growth of accessible options can present a challenge for the consumer (you?) who is attempting to thoughtfully compare training programs. So, let us speak to what we believe to be unique about our program and what we think differentiates us from other programs. While price may be an important consideration in your decision, it should not be the primary determining factor.

  • Learning environment. We limit the number of workshop participants to 24 and offer the training in our cozy Ann Arbor center which is optimized for doula trainings. This is very different from an impersonal hotel conference room designed to accommodate very large groups. We believe a more intimate and interactive classroom experience is best suited to our subject matter. See sidebar for a short tour of our facility.
  • Mentoring/Post-training support. We provide ongoing mentoring and opportunities for people who train with us and become members of LifespanDoulas. This means that you will have support going forward as you begin to integrate what you learn and shape your practice. In turn, we learn from you and the variety of creative directions you take the work into the world. Win/Win.
  • Expertise. Two expert instructors co-teach the workshop, which keeps it very dynamic. Each of us plays to our strengths, pulling on over 35 years’ experience serving families. In addition, we are adult education specialists. This means that you are going to get a wide variety of learning activities and teaching methods over the three-day training, not just lecture and storytelling. Our training is skill based. Read more about about the visionaries behind LifespanDoulas.
  • Broad interpretation of the role of the doula. Our curriculum is solidly based in a deep understanding and appreciation of the doula model of care rather than simply adapting the doula role to fit into the hospice model of care. For our part, the doula role is first and foremost, while the setting where services are delivered is secondary. Therefore, doulas may be attending to folks within the context of hospice, or not, and services can start anytime after initial diagnosis. Certainly doulas can sit vigil with a person who is dying, if that is what the family wants, or encourage engagement with a legacy project, but families need so much more as they navigate the final weeks and days of life. In our view, the doula can provide support services for unmet needs, hospice gaps, post-death choices, bereavement, and more! Read more about the doula role.
  • Doula business development support. In addition to offering EOLD trainings, Patty Brennan has been a birth and postpartum doula trainer (affiliated with DONA International) for 20 years and is the author of The Doula Business Guide, a book that has been integrated into many doula training organizations’ required reading lists. Patty is an expert at helping folks who are new to self-employment begin to embrace the creative process of launching a doula practice. Knowledge and experience with end-of-life issues and good support skills are essential, but knowing how to turn your expertise into a sustainable business is a unique skill set. Cultivating the required mindset, an overview of small business development, and tips for getting started are integrated into our core training with a variety of additional supports available post training.

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