End-of Life Doula Training at Your Hospice

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Offering end-of-life doula services at your hospice can be a real differentiator for you in your community. Families are asking for this option to help them meet their needs in caring for their dying loved one. And end-of-life doulas have the time, availability, training, skills and heart to provide the companionship, practical assistance, respite and non-medical comfort measures that enhance everyone’s experience.

Many hospice organizations are now including end-of-life doulas on staff, while others are simply referring families to doulas in their area. BE THE FIRST IN YOUR AREA TO PROVIDE END-OF-LIFE DOULA SERVICES. To get the necessary training, there are two options:

  1. Bring us to you to do a training at your facility for volunteers and staff (can be tailored to your needs)
  2. Send your people to us for training at our Ann Arbor, Michigan location during one of our scheduled times

We want to help you meet the needs of your families. Please email support@lifespandoulas.com or give us a call (734-395-9660) to find out more.

Consulting & Model Development

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