With Merilynne Rush, RN, BSN

2018 Training Schedule To Be Announced

Home funeral and green burial represent a return to natural, simple and personal methods of honoring and caring for our dead. A home funeral can bring healing and comfort to friends and family and is a normal extension of hospice care at home. This workshop is for End-of-Life Doulas, hospice workers, those in the funeral industry, and anyone who wishes to have the knowledge to plan ahead for self, family or friends. Participants will learn:

  • Current funeral practices in the U.S.
  • How to care for the body at home after death
  • Creating sacred space and funeral ceremony or ritual
  • Legal and cost considerations
  • How to locate and work with a funeral director
  • Special circumstances
  • Green Burial (What is it and where is it available?)
  • The importance of planning ahead
  • How to form a circle of support

 green burial

From Merilynne

“I first began working in the area of end-of-life by becoming a home funeral guide. I feel it has been such a privilege and gift to witness families caring for their own after death at home, seeing them lovingly wash, dress and lay out the body in their own home in a sacred and personal way. Many families who choose an end-of-life doula will also choose home funeral and/or green burial.”

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